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All about Molly

Meet Molly!

All about Molly


Molly is an English Springer Spaniel and belongs to Mr Draper and his Wife. Molly is a highly trained, incredibly well behaved, Five year old Springer Spaniel. 

Pets as Therapy Dog (PAT DOG)


Once Molly reached the age of two and a half we began to focus her training on becoming a Therapy Dog. This took us several months to ensure that her temperament was absolutely spot-on! Molly then had to undergo a rigorous assessment by the team at PAT Dogs. This was also reinforced by references and further supporting paperwork. 



Is Molly insured?


Yes, Molly is backed by PAT and she is fully insured.


Does Molly get the right exercise if she is in school?


YES, Molly has serval long walks a day and her welfare always comes first!


How can I request my child to see Molly?


We select lots of children, for a range of reasons throughout the year. If you feel that your child would benefit from Molly then please fill out the enquires section of this page.


My child is petrified of dogs, can you help?


Yes, Molly has already helped many children overcome this fear and changed their mindset surrounding animals in general. We take a progressive approach and gradually increase their confidence in dogs. However, we also remind them that not all dogs are as friendly as Molly and we talk about handling/ approaching other dogs. 

My child is allergic to dogs, what do you do about this?


First of all please tell us about this! We will not invite your child to come close to Molly if their allergy is serious. We have also found that some children with allergies have been ok around Molly. Also all rooms that she goes in are cleaned regularly. 

Can my child bring Molly treats? 

We ask  that your child does not feed Molly at any time but you can invite them to draw her a picture. Although, Molly has received some lovely Christmas presents from children and parents (thank you!) 


Can my child bring their own dog to meet Molly?


Unfortunately not, Molly is a working breed and she does not like to be distracted. When she is in the field she is 100% focused on her owners and the same applies when she is with Mr Draper in school. Molly likes to stay on task and other dogs could distract her. 

What is Molly’s favourite thing to do and eat?


Molly loves really long walks, playing with her tennis ball, jumping in muddy puddles and splashing in rivers. Her favourite foods are sausages, chicken, red meats and weirdly egg shells!