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Collective Worship

WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT In collective worship we explored how great it is to be different. We all made our own unique fish!

Collective Worship in Year 2


Collective Worship is central to your child's day here in Cedar Class. Your child has a opportunity to worship each day.

Monday- Whole School Assembly lead by Mrs Rich and Mrs Charnley.

Tuesday- Prayer through Hymns lead by Mrs Charnley.

Wednesday- Class Collective Worship lead by Miss Harrison and children

Thursday- Child led Collective, Reflective Worship supported by Miss Harrison

Friday- Whole School Assembly lead by Mrs Rich.


What is Collective Worship?


Collective worship is a reflective time in class where your child is invited to gain understanding about the wider world and begin to understand the Catholic faith. 


What does it look like in Year 2?


We begin our Worship with either reflective Christian Music and/or quiet time. This is vital as it allows children to take a moment from their busy lives to embrace God. This then leads us into our Prayer. Within this time we spend time listening, speaking, reflecting and resting. We also also time for children to ask big questions. Our prayer is focused around either; blessing, petition for forgiveness, thanksgiving and praise. We then move in the Liturgical section of our worship where discuss and praise the work of the Lord. We then continue with individual or whole class prayer. This can be in the form of circle time, song or quiet prayer. 


Why do we do it?


We learn about collective worship to share the mission and ethos of our school. It allows your child to think, reflect and be thankful. We also believe that this can guide your child down a positive path and encourage them to make informed, good choices throughout their lives!