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Good morning! Here is today's learning. There is an early bird shape bug, some maths 1 more/less and skip counting, phonics screening practice, writing your own version of the Busy Day story (there are 2 different sheets which you can choose form for this as you might want to shape your text like it is in the book rather than just on lines....this would be cool!) and then some fun DT and art. Have fun and I am looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

4th May 2021 Honeybee's Busy Day By Richard Fowler - Remember to listen to the story on our YouTube channel. Lots of activities this week will be related to this book. Todays literacy links through a reading and comprehension fact find and maths is a fun bee related addition and subtraction task. Then there is some bee art too. Enjoy dino phonics and fun question writing too. Here's to a great day of learning!

29th April 2021 - Well here we are again... but hopefully not for long. Here are a few tasks to keep the children ticking over for tomorrow. Enjoy!

5th March 2021 Hooray... It is not only Friday but your last day pf home learning! Mrs Vango is sooo looking forward to seeing you next Monday. As for today, we have phonics reading alien and real word practice and games, literacy from miss Stanek, and Re from Mrs Vango. After that, have a chill and get ready for Monday.

Friday prayers - with love from Mrs Charnley x

4th March Happy Thursday - Today we have water painting phonics as we recap on ai, or, and igh sounds, four ways of recording place value for maths, more plurals for literacy and 'How to draw' minibeasts and bugs art. Mrs Vango is looking forward to seeing all your great work and arty creations. Have fun!

3rd March 2021 Happy Wednesday. Half way through the week already!! Today our learning includes phonics (th sound), literacy - learning about plurals, more place value domino maths, PE and a Lenten Liturgy.

2nd March 2021 Tuesday already! For today's learning we have early bird capital letters and maths from Mrs Vango and phonics, literacy and geography from Miss Stanek. As the phonics session main task requires balloons, there will some left at the school reception for anyone who wishes to collect a few.

Wow! I can't believe it is March already. Time certainly flies when you are having fun. Here is today's learning. There is early bird maths and St David's day information and activities from Mrs Vango and phonics, literacy and science from miss Stanek. Remember to listen to the story Sam's Sandwich by David Pelham on our YouTube channel.

26th February 2021 Hooray it's Friday!! Today is disgusting sandwich day! How yucky can you make yours? Also there are phonics games, capacity maths from Miss Stanek and RE. Have fun!

25th February 2021 Happy Thursday! Today we have skip counting, more practice at the 'ion' sound, instructions and bossy verbs, place value playing cards, and a special secret message for a member of the SMG family.

24th February 2021 Happy Wednesday! Today we have a phonics train, more disgusting sandwich mischief, some RE and place value maths. For the maths today, you will need a pack of playing cards. If you do not have a pack, please do not fret..... Mrs Vango has bought a pack of mini cards for each child to use. Feel free to visit the school office to request your free gift for maths !

22nd February 2021 Welcome back after half term. Today we have phonics, maths and science from Miss Stanek and literacy from Mrs Vango. Enjoy listening to a great story, The Disgusting Sandwich by Gareth Edwards, on our YouTube channel.

12th February 2021 Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Mrs Vango has planned some Chinese New Year activities for you to try. There is all sorts to choose from including Ang Pow, Chinese food and yoga. And, as if that wasn't enough...there's phonics and maths from Miss Stanek. Have a great half term everyone!.

Friday prayers - with love from Mrs Charnley x

11th February 2021 A split digraph game for phonics, Maths fractions practice, a new story to listen too (No-Bot The Robot with No Bottom!), Time to Talk, Creating a new page for the story, and a prayer for Lent. Have a great day!

10th February 2021 Hello everyone! Today we have a phonics recap on split digraphs, a bit more suffix literacy including a game from Whizzy Whizz, some maths fractions, PE and stained glass window RE art. I hope you have a great day of learning fun!

9th February 2021 Today we have phonics and literacy from Miss Stanek and early bird shapes, maths fractions and a DT pop up toy from Mrs Vango. Enjoy your day of fab learning and have fun!

5th February 2021 Well done for all your home learning this week. You are AMAZING!!!!!! Today we have early bird question writing, phonics game time, suffix sorting, some practical RE and maths from Miss Stanek.

Friday prayers and thinking from Mrs Charnley xx

4th February 2021 Firstly - Well done everyone for all the great work you are doing at the moment. I have absolutely loved seeing all the photos; especially those of Robbie the Robot on his wheels. Brilliant!!!!Today there is a phonics 'First to the Fly' game, some suffix work for literacy, a shape game, some RE and Miss Stanek has planned art. I hope you have fun!,

3rd February 2021 More odd and even number practice, phonics Don't catch the alien game,3D shape hunt, Robot Stop Time to Talk, My invention writing, and Robbie the Robot DT lesson 2.

2nd February 2021 Early bird shape work, literacy and DT from Mrs Vango and fun phonics and maths from Miss Stanek. Enjoy!

1st February 2021 Early bird questioning to begin with, Phonics and literacy planned by Miss Stanek and maths and science (using torches) from Mrs Vango. Enjoy!

How MUCH does God like us! Mrs Charnley - spirituality for Friday, 29th January.

25th January 2021 Today we have a phonics hunt, literacy verbs, maths position and direction and science materials part 2. Have fun !

Friday, 22nd January - Our prayers from Mrs Charnley

21st January 2021 Phonics, Maths Odds and Evens, Robots malfunctioning, and collage art. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Wednesday 13th January - Mrs Charnley

Home Learning 12th January 2021 - Remember to watch the story again and use the Time to Talk sheet to recap on the story events. Then it is on to phonics, adjectives continued, Paddington writing, Money maths and Art. Have fun.

Home Learning 11th January 2021 Please do phonics first and then ensure that your child watches the story Paddington by Michael Bond and read by Mrs Vango (it can be found in the Year 1 Video Resource Centre) before doing the tasks. After watching, it is then Time to Talk. During the day please ensure you give time to some exercise. This is a good time to use the skipping rope you got from school before Christmas to spend 15 minutes practicing learning to skip.

Leaf printing

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What's the difference - fruit and vegetables?

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What are fruits and vegetables?

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What's the difference between fruits and vegetables?

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Is it a fruit or vegetable?

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Home Learning Still Life Art Video 3

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Home Learning 29th June Art Still Life

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Home learning 29th June - Art Still Life

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As an extra bit of fun you could practice the french fruit song we learned in school.

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The Tiny Seed By Eric Carle (UK)

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The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

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Home Learning RE task 20th April

Lovely Home Learning Photos!

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A selection of photos of the children in Maple Class keeping busy at home. Thanks for all the pictures and please keep 'em' coming!

23rd March challenges

Home Learning - Morning Starters