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Home Learning - January 2021 - Week 1

GRAMMAR - Have fun choosing adjectives to create cool expanded noun phrases. No need to chop up, write them in your workbook!

GRAMMAR - practise contractions following the activities on this Powerpoint.

GRAMMAR - We have just started looking at the subordinating conjunction when. Practise using it using this worksheet.

Maths - I have made a Powerpoint for you containing three mental maths activities and three main activities. You will be looking at number patterns and the 10x table.

RE - Our new topic is Books. Some of you have your favourite book sheet to do. Then watch the Powerpoint about the Bible and design a beautiful Bible book cover.

RE - Here is one of the stories found in the Bible. Read and enjoy and then see if you can retell the story in your own words in your workbook. Add a beautiful picture too!

Science - This week we are starting our new topic on 'Materials'. I have added a starter activity for you so that I can find out what you already know about materials. I also want to know what you would like to find out about materials during our topic. Once you have completed the activity grid, have a read through the Materials information sheet, it explains lots of useful words that we will be using in this topic.

ART - Try this fun and easy art based on the work of Alberto Giacometti.

PE - Skipping skills!