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Maths - Decimals

Welcome to our first week of our last half term in year 4! We will continue to use and follow the White Rose scheme of home learning in maths

We are up to summer term week 7 on to use the website for the learning video and links to extra tasks.

Our maths this week is decimals. The learning videos should explain the rules regarding dividing by 10 and 100. This is a topic we covered earlier in the year so hopefully the children have remembered how to do this. Place value will be important this week. If you have it use squared paper and give your decimal place a square to itself.

Try your best and let me know if anyone needs any help. All of the maths tasks for this week can be found on the class page above to complete in your own time.
Well done everyone on your great work produced this week!

BBC Bitesize have teamed up with the Premier League today to provide some additional maths linked to football for year 4 children if anyone wants something to try today.

There is a learning video, a slideshow and 3 activities (a quiz plus 2 handling data/graphs tasks) which can be found at

I have added the 2 worksheets to our website too above.