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Maths - Decimals or subtraction alternative

Welcome to our second week of our last half term in year 4! We will continue to use and follow the White Rose scheme of home learning in maths

We are up to summer term week 8 on remember to use the website for the learning video as this is a teacher explaining to you how to do it. I find it handy to pause and have a go during the video.

Our maths this week is more decimals. As mentioned above the learning videos should explain the rules each day. We are writing, comparing, ordering and finally rounding decimals.

Try your best and let me know if anyone needs any help. All of the maths tasks for this week can be found on the class page to complete in your own time. But it works best if you can complete them 1 a day.


Keep sending your great work. I will try and give your some more questions to further your learning in the comments.

Apologies for not spotting this sooner but some of you may have realised we have already covered this weeks decimals lessons earlier in our home learning. 


Here is an alternative plan on subtraction for this week above.


It is up to you if you would like to stick with decimals or switch to subtraction. The 4 worksheets for subtraction are now on the class page above. You will find video links to the alternative learning videos within it.


I will attach both decimals and subtraction here for the rest of the week from tomorrow morning for you to choose from. Sorry again!