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Our Curriculum

In Acorns Nursery we aim to provide a Curriculum that is meaningful, purposeful and interesting for each child.  Their intellectual, social, emotional, creative and physical development will be catered for by various play activities which we offer at nursery.  We plan activities across the seven areas of learning to ensure each child receives a broad and balanced curriculum both indoors and outdoors.  We listen to the children's interests so that we can provide a tailor made curriculum for each learner that is fun!  We love the sound of laughter in Acorns and we cherish every exciting learning opportunity.  We appreciate how exciting it is for the children to experience things for the first time and we always value being a part of the children's learning experiences!

We endeavour to provide a calm, safe and enriching learning environment at Acorns Nursery, that allows children to freely explore independently. 

We act as guides to the children to help them to make friendships, learn rules and boundaries and become little citizens of God's kingdom and our natural world.  The children are our future and the Early Years are so important, we never take this responsibility lightly in Acorns.


We are constantly observing and assessing the children in Acorns nursery.  We do this by taking a step back and only participating in a child's learning and play, if we are invited to do so.  We create well rounded Learning Journey's that not only link to Development Matters but show the individual qualities and personalities of each learner.   We assess children's progress by following the Development Matters guidelines (please click here to read more about Development Matters) and by referencing Characteristics of Effective Learning (Please click here to find out more) and by looking at Schemas (Please click the link to read about Schemas).


Although we can go 'off track' depending on the learners interests, we follow the curriculum below.  In addition to this we have our ' Wild Things Wednesday' Forest school session once a week.  We also deliver Dough Disco, Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle, Phase 1 Phonics, Making Maths Magic and Early Talk Boost on a daily basis.  


Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Marvellous Me!  Amazing Autumn! Festivals and Celebrations! Festivals and Celebrations! (cont..) Spring has Sprung! Sensational Summer! Animal Madness!
  Christmas - Nativity and visit to residential care home Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day Easter and Holi.  Science week and World Book Day.  Chicks hatching programme.   Sports day and Graduation