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Tennis at Home

PE on Wednesdays... it doesn't just need to be Wednesday though. Ashton sent a great video of him and his dad playing some tennis last weekend.

During the summer 1 half term, we would have been learning in PE through net and wall games.So why not try some 'Tennis at Home'...

The LTA have a great website full of resources and videos to follow:

Scroll down to the Tennis at Home Exercises - short videos containing tennis exercises. I love these and will be trying some today. Can anyone beat 5 on the High 5 rallies?

Can you get some pictures or a video of you completing one or more than one of these activities this week?

If you don't have a partner use a wall. No racket, use a frying pan or your hand. And if the weather is bad... Activity Cards - fun, simple activities including colouring, word searches and quizzes. Uploaded below.

Finally, I will be receiving 10 Table Tennis at home kits today from Table Tennis England

Please send me a message if you have limited PE equipment at home and think you would use the pack which will include 2 table tennis pats, table tennis balls, roll out net and activity book.



Week 2: 27th April – 3rd May 2020

Please see below the activity timetable for week 2 of the Spar Lancashire School Games, stay at home programme on the link below.


Week 2 – Timetable

The timetable below has links to 4 different areas. Move, ChallengePlay and Learn! Plus from Week 2 onwards a Lancashire School Games Stay at Home Heroes Challenge, this is on the document below.