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PE... The Joy of Moving Home School Festival

The weather is meant to be amazing for most of the rest of the week. Can you take advantage by getting involved in our PE Challenge provided by PNE?

The Joy of Moving Home School Festival booklet is attached. It is intended to be completed over an afternoon but you could try it over the next 3 days.

All of the instructions are in the booklet. You don't need a printer to take part but if you do want to complete any of the written tasks or submit an entry to the competition please send them to me via a picture.

But it is much more important to get moving and play the games!

Take lots of pictures and videos (if you are brave enough) and send them to me. I will share some on here, our school website and even twitter so you can show your friends and other schools.

You can find more information about each game and even videos to show you how to play at

Good luck, get playing, and most importantly