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PE - Net and Wall Games

Net and Wall Games

PE on Wednesdays and Fridays... it doesn't just need to be Wednesday and Friday though. Now is your chance to do PE everyday!

During the summer 1 half term, we would have been learning in PE through net and wall games.So why not try some 'Tennis at Home'...


Tennis at Home
The LTA have a great website full of resources and videos to follow:

Scroll down to the Tennis at Home Exercises - short videos containing tennis exercises. I love these and will be trying some this week. Can anyone beat 5 on the High 5 rallies?

Can you get some pictures or a video of you completing one or more than one of these activities this week?

If you don't have a partner use a wall. No racket, use a frying pan or your hand. And if the weather is bad... Activity Cards - fun, simple activities including colouring, word searches and quizzes. Available below.

We have received 10 Table Tennis at home kits today from Table Tennis England

Please send me a message if you have limited PE equipment at home and think you would use the pack which will include 2 table tennis pats, table tennis balls, roll out net and activity book.