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Reading - Alex and the Cricket Ninjas



Alex and the Cricket Ninjas by Rachael Wong.


Having finished our book for this half term (Evie in the Jungle) a week early, I have attached this short story if anyone would like to read it for this week.


The story is just 30 pages long and also has some illustrations. It helps you to learn about cricket and to think of ways to solve problems if you get scared or anxious.


It is based around Alex a boy who is learning how to play Cricket but struggles with the tricky skill of bowling. He has an older sister who puts him in headlocks a lot and is better than him at sport! It reminds me a bit of Joel from our class and his sister Millie from year 6!

He also has a nemesis, Smasher Jones!


Take a read and see what you think...


There will be no set tasks but you could produce something creative from something you enjoy in the story. Send me a message if you read it, I will be reading too. Remember to get your reading record signed too.