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Home Learning Spring Summer 2020

Home Learning - Week beginning Monday 13th July 2020

MOVING TO YEAR 3 - transition work thinking about the move to Year 3.

Maths - A booklet of Summer maths activities. Choose the activities that you would like to do from this booklet and have some maths fun this week.

English - Choose some activities from this Summer themed English booklet to complete this week.

A 'Lockdown' memory jar to fill!

Home learning - Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

MATHS - Comparing and ordering lengths and mass.

Spelling - I have attached a booklet of spot the spelling mistakes activities. You only need to attempt a couple of the activities this week, NOT the whole booklet!

LITERACY - Work all about bears. Follow the activities for each day.

SPaG - Work through this Powerpoint on the conjunctions and, or and but.

Handwriting - Pangrams activities - Each sentence contains all of the letters of the alphabet so a good opportunity to practice all of your cursive letter formations.

History - The seaside - Use this as a catch up week, it would be fantastic to see some of your History work from the last few weeks.

ART - Have a go at this based on the work of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

Home learning - Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020

MATHS - Lots of scales to read. You will probably need adult help for this. And if you have weighing scales in your kitchen, get weighing things!

LITERACY - A lovely unit on poetry. Work through the work set for each day. Send us some of your finished poetry to make us smile!

Spelling - 'gn' words this week. First, read through the Powerpoint and complete the activities. Then, have a go at the 'gn' tasks underneath.

GRAMMAR - Pick 10 words off the verb word mat. Write a sentence with that verb but in the past tense. For example: break - He broke the new cream sofa. worry - She worried about the exam.

Handwriting - Continue to make your way through the Year 2 words. As you are practising your handwriting, check that you can also read and spell each word. Have a go with another ten words this week.

History - The seaside. There are activities to complete on the instructions sheet, along with links to a video to watch and a seaside song to learn. Some seaside reading and an art activity are also there for you to complete.

RE - Work all about when rules get broken.

ART - Can you create a collage (sticking things down) that overlaps? Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Home Learning - week commencing 22nd June 2020

MATHS - More work on pictograms.

LITERACY - Rainbow work continued. There's even a challenge to make a rainbow!

Spelling - This week we are looking at words ending in -tion. There is a Powerpoint presentation to get you started and then three activities to complete.

Handwriting - Please practice another 10 words this week. Remember that ascenders must go above the first line but should not reach the top line. Descenders should not quite reach the bottom line.

RE - Work all about the wonderful gifts God has given us.

History - The seaside - First, read through the Powerpoint. Then answer the questions on the activity sheet and have a go at writing a postcard.

ART - Trying drawing some fruit and vegetables after watching the tips on the Powerpoint.

Letter for the parents of children in Reception,Year1 and Year 6 about he re-opening of schools in Lancashire.

Home learning - week commencing Monday 15th June 2020

Please remember to read several times a week as well. We have a class login for Oxford Owl that I created a while ago - there are so many free e-books to read on there. 


Click on 'My class login'

Username   cedary2

Password   Cedar2020

We all share the same username and password

Search by 'Levels' to find the colour book band that your child is currently reading. Or, if you think that they need more of a challenge, try books from the colour level above.                      Miss H

LITERACY - More work on rainbows with a fun compound word activity. Remember this follows on from last week so you need to have done that first!

GRAMMAR - Watch the Powerpoint to remind yourself about using a or an before a word then complete the activities.

Handwriting - Have a go at the next ten words this week. I would like you to practice spelling and using your fantastic cursive handwriting each week.

History - Our second week comparing the seaside in the past and the present. I have added the Powerpoint from last week to refresh your memory.

RE - Our new topic is about 'Rules'. Read the story, answer the questions and complete the activity.

ART - I don't know about your house but we eat lots and lots and lots of cereal!! So I thought what can we do with the boxes? Yes we can recycle them but just look at the document below and see what they could become!! Could you make one of these or something of your own? Go for it!

Home learning  - Week commencing Monday 8th June 2020

Spelling/handwriting - Try to practice ten of these words each week so that you can confidently read them, spell them and write them in your fantastic cursive handwriting.

LITERACY - This work is all about wonderful rainbows.

The seaside - Our topic for this half term is all about the seaside. I have included lots of short tasks for this week to get you started on thinking about the seaside.

RE - Questions and an activity about the Holy Spirit.

ART - Have a go at creating a beautiful Rangoli pattern.

Home Learning- Week Beginning 25th May 2020

Maths - Have a go at these fun and educational Maths games this week.

LITERACY - The last bit of work based on the Elves and the Shoemaker.

LITERACY - Activities looking at adverbs. Look at the word mat, choose ten words and write ten interesting sentences.

Spelling/Handwriting - Keep practicing these over the next few weeks, try to aim to practice ten words each week.

RE - Parents please check this one first!

ART - A fun activity to improve your drawing of figures. Maybe you could draw all the members of your family!

Home Learning - Week beginning Monday 18th May 2020

LITERACY - Here are the next few activities based on 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. When writing your postcard think carefully about good , clear and interesting sentences.

LITERACY - Adjectives recap. Sort these adjectives and then use ten of them in ten interesting sentences. Challenge - start each sentence in a different way and extend some with conjunctions (and, but, so, because, or).

Maths - Number and Calculations - Read the Word document first as this contains all of the instructions. The worksheets are then attached below.

MATHS - Symmetry work. On the dot sheet count the dots carefully before you draw the lines. Remember if you find a line of symmetry and put a mirror on that line you will still see the same shape.

ART - If you have paints have a go at this Kandinsky art. No paints? Well have a go at the 3D art. Really simple and really effective.

RE - Read God's Story and the information about Pentecost Day then answer the questions.

Geography - World weather

Science - Plants - Questions about seed dispersal and a couple of things to make

Home learning- Week beginning Monday 11th May 2020

Maths - Number and calculations tasks for this week.

Maths Task 2 - Which fraction is greater? worksheet

Maths Task 3 - Just for fun!

MATHS - TIME - keep telling the time. The more you do it the better you will get. Can you tell me all about one of your lockdown days, what you did and when you did it on the sheet provided? You could practise your sentence writing on there too.

Y2 SPELLING WORK - These sheets practice the Y2 words. You need to find the incorrect spellings and then write the words again correctly.

LITERACY - Activities based around the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'.

LITERACY - Adding the suffixes er and est to the end of words. Follow the rules on the sheet then try and use these words in some sentences.

RE - Questions to think about as Jesus returned to his father.

ART - Have a go at this simple but effective artwork. Also keep up with your observational drawing. Draw anything! And remember only draw what you can see!


DESIGN COMPETITION - Quite short notice but maybe you could give it a go!

MATHS - Number work for this week.

MATHS - All to do with temperature. And if you have a thermometer, even better! Put it in different places and record the temperature at different times of the day.

LITERACY - Pandora's Box continued.

LITERACY - Apostrophe's for contractions. We've done this before remember so you should be brilliant at it!

Science and Geography - Here's your Science and Geography work for this week.

CAPTAIN TOM MOORE - What a man!!! Some activities to do based on Tom's story.

ART - More drawing skills! Pick a group of objects, arrange them and draw them - it's called 'Still Life'. Remember only draw what you can see. You'll be amazing after all this practise!

PE - Still doing Joe Wicks? Well done you! You could also try having a go at perfecting these skills and then take the challenge!

RE - Continuing with 'Spread the Word' read God's Story and answer the questions.


Maths - Have a go at these 2D and 3D shape activities. Afterwards make your own drawing using only shapes.

Maths - number work for this week.

LITERACY - Work through these Pandora's Box activities that continue from last week.

LITERACY - A Powerpoint all about commas in lists. Revision as we have covered this before.

ART - try sketching a flower from your garden or a tree you can see from your window. Have a look at the Powerpoint for ideas. Remember only draw what you can see!

RE - Remember our topic is 'Spread the Word'. Read the Powerpoint and answer the questions.

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY - Watch the Powerpoint and have a think. Fill in the alphabet. Draw or make your own version of the Eatwell Plate.

SCIENCE AND TOPIC - Activities about plants and the weather.


Maths number activities.

Maths - Create a poster or two posters all about shapes and put it/them on your bedroom wall so you can remind yourself about the properties of shapes.

Literacy - Work through these activities based on the ancient story of Pandora's Box. More activities to follow next week based on the same story.

Literacy - watch these Powerpoints about the 4 different types of sentences. Practise writing 3 of each type of sentence.

Science and Topic - A Powerpoint with your Science and Geography work for this week. Have fun!

Science - some fun science activities if you can find the things needed.

Art - Create your own fantasy pet!! You could paint it if you like or even collage it with pictures out of the newspaper or magazines. It doesn't have to be A4 - go large!!!! Have fun!

RE - Our New RE Topic is 'Spread the Word'. Work through these activities about passing on messages.


RE - A kit full of ideas for Holy Week.

A Powerpoint full of activities for you to complete and none of them need printing!

Literacy - sentence openers. Pick some to start your own sentences with. Or challenge yourself and go along each column and try to write a mini story!

Literacy - Look at these Word Mats - don't print them out, just use the words to write a story and then illustrate it.

Literacy - If you have a dice have a go at this. Tell the story orally to someone or write it down if you want.

Maths - a Powerpoint and some measure sheets involving capacity. Even better, find all the containers in your house with ml (millilitres) on them. Have fun filling them with water and reading the scales.

Maths - Some really hard time problems. Only attempt if you're feeling confident telling the time to five minutes. Get an adult to help.

PE - Have some fun with this target throwing activity.

Art - If you have some bits of coloured paper, or even newspaper, head to this website and have a go at these Picasso portraits.  Or collage a picture of anything you like!


Maths - work all about halves and quarters.

Maths - lots of activities involving measures. If you can bake too that would be great!

Art/Maths - have fun creating colourful patterns and continuing pattern sequences with playdough.

Literacy - You learned the persuasive leaflet about Hawk Ridge Farm Park (below). Go on to Purple Mash and make a persuasive leaflet of your own. Purple Mash/Tools/2Publishplus/Blank leaflet.

Literacy - Adverb practise. Remember adverbs can tell us how something is done. When you have found the adverbs, use each one in a sentence.

Literacy - Practise using apostrophes for possession. Remember if the coat belongs to Jack then it is Jack's coat.

Literacy - Fancy writing a story to practise your adverbs, apostrophes and all the other brilliant things you have in your brains? Here are some planning sheets to give you some ideas then you can go on and create your own amazing stories!

You have got to have a go at 'Drawing with Rob'. It's brilliant! Here's the link: And here's one I did earlier!

R.E. - Lots of activities about Jesus and the Easter Story. Pick and choose appropriate activities.

Watch the Powerpoint and find out about Christopher Columbus and his life, then create a fact file all about him.

Science - Watch the Powerpoint about the life cycle of a frog and create a poster showing the life cycle and what you have learned. Use the internet to find out even more information about frogs around the world.



Adverbs can tell us how a verb is carried out. For example 'The man walked quickly.'  Walked is the verb and quickly tells us how the man walked.

He could walk slowly, sensibly, quietly etc.  Can you think of an adverb ending in ly for each letter of the alphabet?  Have a go!

Using your Adverb Alphabet write 10 sentences using those words.  E.g.  When the children got to school, they waited quietly in the hall.

Have a go at the following reading comprehensions.

Remember to find evidence for your answers in the text.

We have been telling the time at school.  Here are some worksheets to practise.  When you feel confident add 20 mins to each clock and tell the new time.  If you have a clock at home or a watch practise telling the time throughout the day.
Here are some challenge cards if you're feeling up to them!
No it's not Christmas but have some fun using the 4 main compass points to describe where things are.
For Science, research the life cycle of an ant and complete the worksheet.  Add any extra information you learn while you are researching.
Create a fact file on Neil Armstrong, the famous explorer.  If you have already done this choose a different explorer/person.  Find out all about their life and their achievements.  Below is a fact file sheet you could fill in or create your own sheet/poster.
In Religious Education our current topic is 'Thanksgiving'.  Write a prayer about giving thanks.  Illustrate it too with beautiful picture.
Use pens, pencils, crayons or even paint to copy one these Hundertwasser images.  Google and research him too!

Don't forget PE at 9 o'clock with Jo Wicks!!  Enjoy!

Home Learning


Hi All, please find below supporting documents and websites to ensure that your child's learning continues even if the school closes or if your child is having to self isolate.




Whether it’s inspiring your writers, extending your coders or boosting the creativity in your children, Purple Mash has everything you need to deliver a unique experience which is simple to use and loved by all.

Your child can simply find our school and login.  They have their own login.



Lots of maths puzzles and problems to solve.


Lots of previous year's SATS paper to look at and work through.

Lancashire County Council Home Learning Support