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Science - It's a bit gassy!

Science....States of Matter lesson 2


Moving on from our introduction to solids, liquids gases last week.

This week our lesson is, It's a bit gassy! As we will be investigating gases.


First watch the clip about gases in daily life

The children might not automatically associate the things they see with gases. So discuss further by introducing the main gases in daily life by reading page 2 'Common gases' of the attached resource together.


After that, can you try any or all of the 4 practical investigations into gases? Pages 3-6

1. Squashing an empty plastic bottle (with/without a lid on)
2.Weighing an empty and a blown up balloon or other blow up object
3. How does smell travel? Playing hide and seek with a string smelling object.
4. Pouring water over solids. What are bubbles?


On number 4. By slowly pouring water over objects or by squeezing a sponge in submerged water bubbles of air/gas escape as water fills the spaces. Where do the bubbles come from? From the gaps between the solids.  Gas fills space all around us.


Can you record your investigations in a creative way?  A video, a poster, a piece of writing?