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Science - Ssshhhh! Reducing sound

In Science this week we will plan and conduct an investigation into which material best reduces the sounds we hear.



Investigate sound-proofing materials by discussing how we reduce sound using the powerpoint or pdf version above. 

Discussion using pictures about reasons needed to reduce sounds and reasons for not reducing sounds.


How can we test how we reduce sound?

  1. Work with an adult to plan an investigation that will find out which material will best reduce sound. Use resource 2 to help.
  2. With help, consider the different variables of their test and plan how to ensure their investigation is fair.
  3. Record the results of the investigation and use the results to draw a conclusion.


You Will Need


Provided Resources

  • Sound-proofing PowerPoint
  • Group ideas sheet 
  • Investigation sheet

Additional Resources

  • A range of materials for sound-proofing
  • Elastic bands
  • Hair (Alice) bands so that material can be fixed to heads


Section 1 - soundproofing investigation from


Investigation, fair-test, factor (variable), prediction, results, resources, planning, muffle


Extension task

Using resource 3 can you design a device to help reduce sound?