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SpaG - Rule 20 - Possessive apostrophes with plural words

SPaG - Rule 20


This week we focus on punctuation rather than spellings as we focus on use of the apostrophe. We are looking at the possessive apostrophe with plural words.


Games and activities to practise can be found at:


So does the apostrophe go at the end of the word or before the s? I find this tricky! This BBC Bitesize guide may help:

Recommended activities below:
Monday: Watch the video at and take the quiz
Tuesday:Find examples of use of apostrophes on signs, in newspapers, magazines or in books. Can you spot why the apostrophe is at the end or before the s?
Wednesday: Write 2 sentences for each word which use the apostrophe in the different ways correctly.
Thursday: Own choice. Can you choose your favourite way we have previously learnt spellings to some off you use of apostrophes?
Friday: Take the test online or on paper.