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SPaG - Rule 21 Homophones Set 1 of 4

SPaG - Rule 21 - Homophones and Near Homophones Set 1 of 4


This week we focus back on spellings and grammar, as we focus on homophones. Homophones are words which sound the same or similar but can have multiple spellings with different meanings.


As usual practise tasks and activities with a daily free game can be found at:

Recommended further activities below:
Monday: Draw picture cards for each word. Showing an image with the correct spelling to help you learn the meaning/context each word should be used in. For example Draw a Football or a disco for ball and a baby crying for bawl.
Tuesday: Make acrostic sentences for each word. For example Berry. Ben entered Rachael's room yesterday.
Wednesday: Create sentences with two or more homophones in. For example. After paying the fare, I boarded the train, I couldn't wait to get to Blackpool fair.
Thursday: Test your parents. Create sentences with blank spaces for the missing homophones. Give them a list of the words and see if they can fill in the blanks. How many did they get correct?
Friday: Take the test online or on paper.