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SPaG - Words with Greek origins

Amazing work on our spellings last week. Try and have fun whilst learning them if you can this week. If anyone can come up with a inventive way of learning them at home please share it with us.

This week's recommended spellings tasks are:

Monday: Record/get a picture of yourself saying the words and reading them out letter by letter with some physical activity. You are allowed the list in front of you for this! For example, Echo - E - Star Jump - C - Press up - H - Full turn - 0 - Hop - Echo.

Tuesday: Test your parents on the words. Be the teacher. You have the list, read them out and let your parents take the test. Mark them for them too please.

Wednesday: Create a Greek pot with one of the words on. I will provide a template and example for this on Wednesday.

Thursday: Make a word sentence. Use the letters in a spelling word to begin each word. For example: Ache - Adam chased Henry everywhere.

Friday: Take the assessment either on paper with a someone to test you or use the website above to take an online test.