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SPaG - Rule 16 Words of French Origin

Amazing work again on our spellings last week. Try and have fun whilst learning them if you can this week again. If anyone can come up with new inventive way of learning them at home please share for next week.


This week we go from Greek words to words of French origin. the sh sound spelt ch.


This week's recommended spellings tasks are:

Monday: Be a spelling chef.and chop up your words. Write the words big onto some long strips of paper. Chop up the words into their syllables. Mix them up in a bowl and then rejoin them to recreate your words. Did you do it correctly? Syllables below.


Bro-chure, cro-chet, cham-pagne, chef, cha-let, par-a-chute, cha-rade, ma-chine

Tuesday: Dot-to-Dot. Write your spellings words using dots. Then using colours if you like attach the dots to create your words. Have you spelt your words correctly? Draw a picture to show the meaning of each word next to each.

Wednesday: Words within words.In a countdown style. Write your spelling word then create atleast 2 other words from each of your words. For example: Crochet -  hot and torch. Who can create the best words?


Thursday: Play charades! Take it in turns with an adult or sibling to act out the words without talking. Write down your answers as they are acted out.

Friday: Take a spelling test with an adult. Both take a test and mark each others!