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SPaG - Rule 18 - Words with the /s/ sound spelt sc (Latin in origin) (e.g. science, ascent... etc.)

SPaG - Spelling Rule 18


Try and have a go on the practise and games at:


Or following the recommended activities below:


Monday: Make spelling mountains. Start at the top with the first letter, then underneath first 2 letters, then first three letters until the word is completed. For example: ascent.









Tuesday: Write the words on strips of paper. Use your scissors to cut them up into syllables or segments and then remake them!

Wednesday: Create silly acrostic sentences with our spellings. For example: crescent. Crazily running everywhere, Sanija caught eight naughty toddlers.

Thursday: Create new words from your spellings. For example: fascinate = east, fast, safe... how many can you create?

Friday: Take the assessment either on paper with a someone to test you or use the website above to take an online test.