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SPaG - Rule 19

SPaG - Spelling Rule 19


This week our spellings are words with the 'A' sound spelt ei, eigh or ey.


Games and activities to practise can be found at:

Or follow the recommended activities below:

Monday: Create the words using things you can find outdoors safely. Can you make the words out of twigs,leaves or other objects you find outside? Send your pictures and I will share them with your friends.
Tuesday: Use a dictionary (paper or online) to find the definitions of each word. Do any of the words have more than one meaning?
Wednesday: Test an adult at home on the words. You be the teacher, read the words aloud, in sentences if you can and then mark their test! How many did they get correct?
Thursday: Spelling Word Race: Create two teams with a player from each team taking the ‘pen’ at a time. Someone calls out the word and the two players race to write the word first. 
Friday: Take the test online or on paper. Can you take it further by including your words into sentences?