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Today we all used our new storytelling area. We wore our magic hats and turned into Zinnia from Zinnia’s flower garden by Monica Wellington, and spoke about what we would write in our diary.

After reading the story Zinnia’s flower garden by Monica Wellington, we planted our own Zinnia seeds. We are looking forward to seeing them grow.

The children sang the chorus to our song about Mary our Mother, Bring flowers of the rarest’, all afternoon as they worked. It was spontaneous and lovely. Here is a short snapshot.

Still image for this video

May is the Month of Mary. We crowned Mary with flowers.

We looked at different rainbow snail art and then used chalks to blend colours on our snail shell and learned to use watercolour pencils on the snail body. We made a blue wash for our background using watercolour blocks and sponges and then poster paint and thin brushed to create the grass. Aren’t’ our pictures beautiful?!

Setting up our snail tank and going on a snail hunt. We made sure that we found out how to look after the snails and what to feed them. We treated them to some ground up lettuce mixed with some rain water which we painted on the side of the tank. It was amazing to see the snail’s mouths as they began to eat it up!

We watched the Beautiful Bubbles Mindfulness film Mrs Vango made, and then put all our worries into lots of bubbles and let them float far, far away!

Archimboldo Art!

Juicy fruity kebabs with a chocolate drizzle......yummy!

Still Life Fruit. We looked at some of the work of the artist Cezanne and watched a film about ‘Still Life’ before trying to draw our own pictures.

Dancing lentils!

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Splendid Science – First, we predicted what would happen if we dropped grapes into a container of tap water. Then, we tried it. Next, we changed the water for fizzy water and predicted what difference this might make. We made it a fair test as we kept the same grapes, amount of water and container. We dropped the grapes in and watched. It was AMAZING! We tried other things too such as raisins, pasta and lentils.

How to make a fruit salad instruction writing.