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Topic - Geography and DT - Making a boat


Make a boat to journey to sea!

To complete our geography unit on rivers, this week we will be testing our geographical knowledge in combination with some design technology skills.

First, find and trace the journey of a local river to the sea from a previous lesson or using maps the from internet. Is there a river near your house or a tributary?

Next, collect some materials to build a boat. You don't need to use materials on the document. Use what you have. Natural materials would be best to send on a river journey, making sure to test and improve your boats buoyancy and stability before your send it on its journey.

When your boat is ready, name it and write a message for the finder of their boat. You can include schools Twitter address @smgprimary for anyone who finds your boat to tell us where they found it.

Send a picture and then if you can then take your model boat to a safe launch place at a local river and wave it off on its journey to the sea.