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Topic - Monet Art


With our extra week this week, for our topic work, we will focus on river art by the impressionist Claude Monet.


This would have been done over 3 or 4 lessons and if you don't have paint at home use pencils or whatever medium you have.


1. First use the River Art Monet 1 document to look at some famous river art by Claude Monet. Use his 4 colour technique (pencils if you don't have paint) to have to have a go at replicating one of Monet's famous works using the River Art Monet Examples 2 document.


2. Next learn all about the artist by looking at the River Art All about Monet 3 document. Find out all about his contribution to art. Then using River Art Focus on the water 4 document, can you create a page or two of sketches trying to create water which shows movement like Monet?


3. Finally, create a final piece, using the River Art Thames examples pictures 5 or your own photograph of another famous river. Drawing together what you have seen from Monet and  the skills taught in lesson 1 and 2.


I have attached document 1 here but all of the documents can be found above.