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Topic- History - Ancient Egypt

History - Ancient Egypt


During our final half term we will be focusing on one of the rivers we came across last half term and looking at a civilisation that was build around it.


Building our knowledge of the period when the Ancient Egyptians were a world power. We will compare the Ancient Egyptian civilisation with the society, climate and terrain of Britain at the time. Discover how the Ancient Egyptian civilisation came to an end and learn about the remains of Ancient Egypt that exist in Egypt today.


In our first lesson, we will go back in time!


First watch the introduction to Ancient Egypt clip at Use the session resource. 


Then use the session resource to place the Ancient Egyptian civilisation on a world history timeline; look at dates of other historical events and other ancient civilisations. Having looked at the original timeline can you then create your own timeline using string and pegs for washing line timeline?


Then use World history map from to look at ancient civilisations and place them on a world map.


You could then use: 

Overview of Neolithic to Bronze Age in Britain from or Child-friendly Stone Age pages from to take a further look into the past of Britain too.