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Topic - Geography - World Rivers


This weeks geography task is to learn about major world rivers and the continents through which they flow.

First, recap the 7 continents of the world using the map on page 11 of the resource. There is one continent missing. Why do the children think this is?

Then use this map a globe or an atlas to become familiar with the names of the major world rivers and the continents they flow through.

After learning the rivers names and locations you could take the World Rivers Quiz at:
This may have a few different rivers on too. You could screenshot your results on here.

Then choose 1 or 2 rivers to research and learn more about. Use the resources on pages 1 -10 or create your own similar page to record your research.

Using the web links at the top of each page or any other safe and useful websites to help.

There are then some bingo resources pages 13-22, if you would like to play rivers bingo.