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 Your child's daily attendance at school is very important.

 Did you know...

  • a child who is absent a day of school per week misses an equivalent of two years of their school life
  • 90% of young people with absence rates below 85% fail to achieve five or more good grades of GCSE and around one third achieve no GCSEs at all.
  • poor school attendance is also closely associated with crime a quarter of school age offenders have truanted repeatedly

 Poor attendance can also:

  • mean that children fall behind in work
  • affect their motivation
  • affect their enjoyment of learning                                           
  • lead to poor behaviour
  • affect their desire to attend school regularly
  • affect their confidence in school
  • mean they miss out on the social life of school and extra curricular opportunities and experiences
  • affect their ability to have or keep friendships.





It is your responsibility to make sure that the school is given an up-to-date emergency telephone number in case your child is taken ill at school. This is particularly important with mobile phones, which are changed frequently.