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At St Maria Goretti, we aim to provide our children with as many opportunities as we can to write for different purposes and audiences. Through the engagement in our high quality texts, that are at the core of our English curriculum, we strive to create a positive attitude towards writing and to inspire and equip the children with the necessary skills to become fluent and successful writers. Our yearly overview has been designed to ensure that there is a balance of genres taught across the year groups and teachers use the key learning documents to support with their planning and to ensure there is a progression of skills. Teachers plan and teach English as a whole class lesson however teachers adapt and differentiate lessons to provide targeted support where required. As a school, we use the Lancashire Teaching Sequence in order to lead our children through the various phases necessary to facilitate top-quality outcomes. We believe that successful writing is built on successful reading.

Below are the 5 phases of this process:


- Creating interest 

- Reading - Responding and analysing 

- Planning /Gathering content

- Scaffolded writing/independent writing - shared and guided writing

- Purposeful end point. 


Our English working walls display the learning journey the children have been through and are there as a reference point to support the children with their final writing outcome. 

Grammar and punctuation skills are taught in context during English lessons and the skills are selected to match the genre being taught to allow children to practise and embed their learning. 


Phonics and Spelling 

Our school reading scheme is very well resourced and uses high quality texts. The ‘Red Rose Letters and Sounds’ phonics scheme is used throughout EYFS/KS1. Year 2 follow the 'Red Rose Letters and Sounds' spelling programme. In KS2 we progress onto the ‘No Nonsense’ spelling scheme which is  supported by use of spelling shed resources for spelling.



Please see the link below for our handwriting policy