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RE, Class Worship and Prayers

Come and See Scheme - Letter to Parents

End of Day Prayer


Now the day is over, 

We lift our hands and say, 

Thank you heavenly father, 

For today. 


We're sorry for the wrong things, 

But glad about the right. 

Keep us heavenly father, 

In your love tonight. 




Lunch prayer


Thank you for the world so sweet, 

Thank you for the food we eat, 

Thank you for the birds that sing,

Thank you God for everything. 



Morning Offering


Father in Heaven

I give you today, 

all that I think and do and say. 

I give you the good times, 

as well as the bad, 

the times that I'm happy, 

the times that I'm sad. 

Fill me with grace and make me strong, 

with you at my side I won't go wrong.