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Phonics screening practice. Try to score above 32.

Phonics recognition homework 17th December 2021

Do I know how a question can begin? Please discuss the variety of ways a question can begin by using these words together.

The story of the first Christmas homework 11th December 2020

27th November 2020 RE Homework - the story of John the Baptist and dove craft activity

RE homework 20th November 2020

2d Shape homework 13th November 2020

23rd October 2020 Half Term Homework

16th October 2020 homework

Please can all the children practice the spellings of tricky words to help them with independent  writing....

the   was   you  they  into  her

Thanks for your help.


9th October 2020 News writing homework.

13th December 2019 Literacy homework - Santa's busy day story.

18th October - For half term homework the children have each been given an Autumn bag. Please help your child to collect Autumn objects over the holiday to bring into school on Monday 28th October. Along with this, please remind them to complete their Autumn picture and writing on the sheet provided with the bag.

Thanks for your help.

Mrs Vango

11th October 2019 Maths homework

News writing homework. 4th October 2019

Year 1 Common exception words. Try to learn to read and spell them all.

20th September 2019

In class we have been reading the story Russell and the Lost Treasure. In the story the main character finds a treasure chest filled with lots of rubbish. However, in the chest is also a camera with which he takes photos of his family and friends. Through this he realises that all treasure is not gold and that the memory book he creates with the photos is the best treasure of all.

Maple class are hoping to create their own Memory Book and so all the children have been asked to bring to school up to four photos of family, friends and special times, which can be added to our big book. As part of literacy activities the children will then write labels and captions to accompany their photos. The children have created letters to bring home too to explain about this activity. Please check your child’s book bag for their letter.

Please then help your child take part in the creation of our book by helping them find photos to bring to school. If you do not have access to a printer, photos can be sent to Mrs Vango via ClassDojo and she will then print them in school for your child.

Thank you for your help.

Mrs Vango