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St Maria Goretti Catholic Primary School

Reading Statement of Intent 





At St Maria Goretti, we are passionate about reading and want our children to foster a lifelong love of books and reading which will continue to develop throughout their education and in later life.  We place great emphasis on learning to read and the value of reading and want to create fluent readers through the exposure of a variety of high quality reading material.






From the moment our children begin in Nursery they are surrounded by creative learning experiences that are linked to famous and well known children's books. This is where their exciting journey begins. Phonics is taught in Nursery, when children begin to learn the seven aspects of Phase 1. These aspects concentrate on developing children's speaking and listening skills and lays the foundations for the phonic work which starts in phase 2.


Throughout the Early Years and KS1, phonics is given high priority and taught daily. Teachers are skilled at teaching and assessing phonics and timely interventions are used if required. At St Maria Goretti, we follow the Red, Rose Letters and Sounds systematic synthetic phonics programme. The intent behind Red Rose Letters and Sounds is to provide a rigorous and thorough planning programme in order to strengthen the teaching and learning of phonics, and ensure children become enthusiastic and successful readers and writers. Through these interactive and fun phonics sessions where staff use games, songs and actions, we aim to build on the children’s speaking and listening skills as well as preparing them for learning to read by developing and using their phonic knowledge. Our phonics teaching is supported by a variety of fully decodable books including Little Blenders, Beanstalk books, ORT Word Sparks, Dandelion Readers and Phonics Bug Books. The children take them home to support the sounds that they have learnt that week in their phonics lessons. These are a great way for children to apply their phonics to their own reading at home. 


Shared Reading 


At St Maria Goretti, we use a text led approach to our English curriculum. Through the use of engaging, exciting and challenging texts, shared reading takes place during the reading phase of a unit. During this part of the unit, teachers will model reading aloud and then children will participate in choral reading to improve their word reading skills. Following this, teachers will develop the children's understanding and comprehension of the text through reading and writing opportunities that focus on prediction, retrieval, inference, sequencing and exploring the language and vocabulary. This immersion in the text ensures that children build up the skills needed to become skilled and proficient writers.