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Reading our stories to Year 1

World Book Day 2022

Today, Year 5 were fully immersed in their DT projects. After spending time learning about the Maya civilisation, researching temples/pyramids and designing authentic looking models, we started to bring designs to life. The children worked sensibly with new tools and supported each other wonderfully.

Reading our stories

This afternoon, we grabbed our English books and headed for the storytelling area. We had a fabulous time listening to each others warning stories.

Today, we took advantage of the sunshine and looked at how we could find evidence that the Earth orbits the sun.  We have looked at the Geocentric and Heliocentric Solar System and the children were able to understand how it could have been understood that the sun orbited the Earth.  We also had great fun teaching Year 1 about shadows.

Our second investigation this week involved us researching space suits.  The children were challenged with finding out the best material to make their space suits - a material that would provide the best insulation for the extreme temperatures on the moon. Somebody needs to let NASA know that newspaper is the best!

To kick off Science Week we took our learning to an egg-celent level.  Poor Egg-stronaut was stuck, travelling to Earth at over four-times the speed of sound and the reverse thrusters in his space capsule had stopped working.  We had to try and experiment with materials and solutions that would save Eggy from certain scramble -  as you can see, only some of the children were successful but its certain that all of the children really enjoyed this challenge.

Making Memories

We looked at how memories are kept alive today through celebrations.  To think about this we read a beautiful story about a lady who had started to forget things and a little boy helped he by bringing her things that reminded him of his favourite memories.