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Statement of Intent

Learners who shine with God’s Love, Pride and Success

Children at SMG are exposed to a curriculum which allows them to nurture their God-given gifts in a safe environment, supported by a team of dedicated professionals. Our broad, balanced and exciting curriculum provides opportunities for children’s aspirations to thrive. We allow for their curiosity to be fulfilled through enterprising experiences, which demand from them the motivation and dedication to reach their full potential. Children are actively engaged in challenges which push the requirements of independent thinking, allowing their unique qualities and gifts to grow whilst developing their ability to work collaboratively in a team. The curriculum we provide helps our children to grow into confident, respectful and compassionate individuals who are ready to take their gifts and share them with the wider community, with high expectations of themselves and others.

Governors and staff at school believe that the personal development and nurturing of pupils plays a significant part in their ability to learn, achieve and grow into aspiring individuals who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and wider society. We therefor aim to provide an environment where every child is recognised and given opportunities that allow them to thrive. We ensure that all learners are surrounded in an education that encompasses the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, in which the values of the Gospel underpin all aspects of school.

Our curriculum is geared towards providing diverse and rich opportunities that excite and engage, giving the children memorable experiences, both in and out of the classroom, which will ignite their curiosity. We ensure that the children are immersed in opportunities that allow them to learn and develop a range of skills that are transferrable. As the school serves a community where there is a high percentage of disadvantaged pupils, we provide experiences that children may not otherwise experience, giving them an opportunity to value and develop their aspirations. Our curriculum gives the children the ability to take responsibility for their own learning, allowing them to become enthusiastic and self-motivated learners; raising their own questions and curiosities.

Subject leaders are passionate about their subjects and through monitoring and evaluation they are able to assess the knowledge, skill acquisition and the success of their subject. Subject leaders ensure that their subject is taught creatively with a skills-based approach. As a result, the curriculum we deliver provides for very enjoyable learning experiences; promotes a great sense of achievement in pupils and staff; and provides opportunities to improve confidence. The children take great pride in the learning and work that they produce and we celebrate each subject through various events and enhance their learning through visitors.

As a school we celebrate everyone and our curriculum is tailored to recognise the development of all children. The learning we deliver develops pupils into engaged and excited learners who are enthusiastic to take their learning further and shine with God’s love, pride and success.