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Family Support Worker


From time to time we could all use some extra support, especially when bringing up children. At St Maria Goretti Catholic Primary School we provide our own family support service.

We know that each family is different and that is why I try to get to know all our children and families. I will offer support and guidance and if I cannot offer the help directly I will be able to help find someone who can. I have access to other agencies locally who have experience in a range of family matters.


Things you might want help with:


  • General family issues

  • Finding a nursery/child care

  • Benefits advice

  • Access to specialist organisations and support groups

  • Accessing health services

  • Seeing Health Visitor or School Nurse

  • Transition-supporting new families settle into the school community


More specific support and guidance you might need:

  • Supporting a child with health problems

  • Help with attendance of your child in school

  • Poor behaviour of a child at school-which may impact at home

  • Behaviour management

  • Family breakdown, separation, illness, domestic violence etc…

  • Loss and bereavement


Please note- The school’s Family Support Service will also refer children who are at risk of harm directly to Child Protection/Local Children's Safeguarding Board as per School’s Child Protection Policy.


How to get to see the School’s Family Support Worker


  • You can call Mrs Angie Barton, the School Family Support Worker on 01772 700052, leave a message at the school office, message me on DOJO, email me or catch me on the gate in the morning or at the end of school.

  • An appointment will then be made at a convenient to you.

  • If someone working with your child in school feels that you may benefit from some extra support, our Family Support Worker will speak to you discreetly to find out if we can be of any help. Support will only be given if that is what is needed and you want it.


How will support be offered


Our Family Support Worker will find out what you need by talking with you in a private space in school or over the phone if you feel more comfortable.

If you agree to receive support a plan will be drawn up together about what support is needed and who will provide this. If there is more than one agency needed to provide this support an Early Help form may be filled in (only if one has not been done before). This form helps us collect useful information and will make sure that you do not have to keep repeating information over and over to different agencies.

A meeting can be arranged where everyone can get together and decide how to move forward. A plan will be created so everyone is clear what they have to do.


Throughout this process the Family Support Worker will aim to:


  • Involve you and your children in all decisions that affect your family

  • Ask your views whist you are receiving support to make sure it is what you want

  • Tell you what information is to be gathered and get your agreement about what is shared. (please note that any information may need to be shared without your consent if someone else in your family is at risk of harm or to help stop a crime).





Early Help Support:

  • Face to face appointments
  • Emotional support for children – 1:1 sessions in school with Mrs Barton which could be a single session or a series of planned sessions. This is where school or parent/carer have identified a need. Discussions/consent is always gained before these can take place with the parent/carer.
  • Early Help Assessment (EHA): this is a holistic process, working with the family to gather information which will lead to a Plan of support, including other agencies if necessary. This will then lead regular Team Around the Family Meetings (TAF) to monitor progress of the EHA Plan, including family members and any other professionals who are involved with the support Plan.
  • Referrals and signposting to outside agencies – for example, Child and Family Wellbeing Service, Children’s Social Care, CAMHS, specialist support services (such a bereavement, community safety team and victim of crime supports), as well as therapeutic service such as Child Action North West (CANW). 

Advice and support is always confidential, however, if there is a safeguarding concern this will be managed by following our schools safeguarding policy (which can be found on our website). 




Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that can have negative, lasting effects on health and behaviour. ACEs include being physically, emotionally or sexually abused as a child and growing up in a house with domestic violence, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse or criminal problems. Children who have abusive or otherwise stress-filled childhoods are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other health and social problems throughout their adult life.

Family groups


Here at St Maria Goretti we like to get parents involved as much as possible.

This year we have run PASTA club with Preston North End where the children and parents learned about healthy eating, exercise and how to make healthy food. It was lovely to see them enjoying food together.


We have another parent and child club coming up in September called Cre8ability where the children and parents learn together about nurturing and emotional wellbeing through being creative.




 Here we encourage the children to talk about their worries and feel comfortable and safe in school. The school worry monsters help our children when they need them.



    Thank you

    Mrs Barton


             Some helpful links


Some information to help:

Cruse Bereavement 01772 433645

Adult Mental Health Urgent Response Line 0800 9530110

Samaritans 116123

Preston East Children and Family Wellbeing Service 01772 539420

Winston's Wish - giving hope to grieving children (

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